Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Nurmakov str, 79

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August 21 – October 2, 2010
Nowadays Contemporary Art plays a significant role that can be compared meaningfulness wise with such cultural phenomena, as music, theatre or cinematography. The time has come for Contemporary Art to reveal itself on the streets of Almaty. It is the time of a long-awaited transformation of any given pedestrian into an intrigued spectator and witness of the events that had been arranged by the representatives of somewhat dynamic arts against and within a static, yet very efficient installation composed by three-dimensional objects created by Almaty's artists in many cases from the trash of our civilization. We will present the city dwellers with not only an interesting multi-component event, but will also direct their attention to the environmental problems of our southern capital. We will move the art into the masses in hope that most of it will then find itself in museums and galleries because art is capable of being and must be available and understandable, it should make people think about the world surrounding them and see its diversity and interestingness in the best possible way. Just like any event of such range, ArtBatFest is very ambitious and audacious. It will definitely receive an international status and will thus attract the interest of the global cultural community in the establishment of the Kazakh Contemporary Art.


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The Art of Altering a Street
The artists of Almaty went outdoors. They care not so much about the size of the street as about the existence of works inside the loads of city dwellers who at times do not know the art at all. The goal is to capture their attention at least for a moment. The birth of an intrigued exhibition attendant, a fan of painting, graphic and sculptural arts would be the main reward.

Moldakul Narymbetov creates paintings, performances and artifacts from the junk material – old car tires. This artist unlike his famous predecessor, Tony Cragg, does not assemble the giant children's pyramids, but having discovered their amazing sculptural properties, generates some complex picturesque configurations.
Here is the dramatic and fearless Kokpar, elevated above the ground by means of a powerful construction representing a gesture that consolidates the beauty of a national game and protects the tradition from being forgotten. The Sun Headed and the biblical couple, Adam and Eve, the ironic Throne and Barakholka, the amazing Scarab - "the mover of the Sun" in the Egyptian mythology – all of them had been made from old rubber. A holed piece of pipe treated with bronze décor had been utilized to form the shape of an inspired singer, Korkyt. And now the breaches in its steel represent the metaphor of a human being open for the sounds and voices of the world, the sounds and voices that give birth to the tunes of the soul and one's Fatherland.
Producing artifacts from humanity's trash is one of the tendencies of Сontemporary Аrt. This is the way artists use to emphasize the garbage attacking the primeval nature. And thus they awake a creative individual in each of us: to the best of our ability each of us can generate something smart. All it takes is freeing oneself from a strictly pragmatic attitude and modifying and reforming the world of things.
The installations by Georgi Tryakin-Bukharov prove that it is possible to produce the unexpected meanings by using absolutely any items. His gigantic Nuf-Nuf is made of a fridge, enameled bowls and a couple of old globes. Eyes being the globes – what a remarkable metaphor it is! Any subject can contain the entire planet in itself – all it takes is you need to think about your place in this world. And there are so many findings in Carmen! The passionate movement of her feelings and the quickness of changes of her hearty partialities are smartly distinguished by various multicolored toy cars. It takes some time to be spent in front of this production to be able to notice all the metaphors that the artist's imagination had spread all over it.

Saken Narynov is an architect and an urban planner, an inventor and an artist in the area of the impossible who does not work with garbage. Some solid steel bars and sheets are required for his works; he uses them to create some beautiful structures from such amusing objects as the Moebius tape or the Klein bottle. Some objects are the nontransparent perpendicularly parallel tunnels smartly twisted in the space. The dispersion of lines, planes and turns activate the environment and broaden the exposure zone up. Other objects are the reticulate and lacy spheres, rings, "vessels" with various entwinements, crossings and mutual entries. The model can be represented by a monolayer or multilayer structure that refers to physics and metaphysics of the multidimensional world. Not without reason did Martin Gardner, an American scientist, once write to him: "No one has ever used the way you had looked at space and time". Glancing at these objects purifies one's brain. If urban space was full of such artifacts, our school kids would have had fewer problems with studying math.
Aside from the gurus of Contemporary Art their younger comates also participate in this project. One of them is the Nebula creative team, Ruslan Kadirov and Alexei Filimonov. Nebula guys played a little with the framework of a car covered with layers of green turf. Will the eternal nature win over humanity's temporary toys? The turf got dry soon and a sorrowful thought is evolving – that garbage may win. Myocardium Flower is the scheme of a cardiac muscle with a flower inside welded from metal bars. The metaphor is entirely poetic. Awaiting Rebirth is remarkable as well – a soft installation made from two transparent spindles (one a tree) and many multicolored duralumin tubes (on the ground). It is a hint pointing out the unpredictability of metamorphoses and the transformations of organic and nonorganic matters.

Alexei Filimonov makes us happy with his paradoxical Proving Ground Heron — the gigantic lotus flower and a graceful heron made of something unknown that found they way out through the old tires. The topic of a strange mutualism of the humanity's trash and the living forces of nature finds itself in it as well. Besides, only human beings are capable of admiring a bird and build the endangered species from garbage. The transparent Balyk and Salamaleykum made from wire attract owing to their transparent lives: you need to look carefully to distinguish their silhouettes in the surrounding flow of light. The open hand is crying for help having freed itself for a single moment from the accumulating municipal wastes.
Ruslan Kadirov has produced several transparent silhouettes of geometrical figures that remind us of geometry classes that frighten the kids in schools very often. The light structures can perhaps reconcile them with this science. The globe with hands reaching out for the people walking by is also a cutie.

The objects created by our artists have formed not only a simple installation on Zhibek Zholy Street, but a different habitat that changes the emotional disposition of a city dweller that comes here on purpose or by chance. An interested, creative person is a dream-come-true for culture and the Giver of Life.