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Performances of Czech artists
September, 30
On September 30th, ARTBAT FEST presented a series of performances by Czech artists Heidi Hornáčková & Adam Parks and Pavel Sterec.
In their performances, they will address questions related to control over natural resources, human communities, changes in human cognitive abilities, and collective memory.
Antonin Brinda works in the field of performance art, site-specific art, and urban art. His themes include global mobility, urbanism, and transportation infrastructure. Brinda also organizes and curates various art events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Heidi Hornáčková is an artist, performer, and curator working in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her practice focuses on exploring intercultural and transmedia connections with an emphasis on various communities, environments, and non-verbal forms of understanding.

Adam Parks is an artist and musician from Virginia, USA, creating music for various conceptual performances and two main projects, Timber Rattle and Lightning White Bison.

Pavel Sterec (born 1985) is a Czech post-conceptual artist who often works with documentary practices. He uses video, installation, performance, and text as mediums. In addition to art, he is also involved in exhibitions related to science and social work.