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"Gravity Vectors", 2023
Vargas-Suarez Universal
thermal insulation blankets, polystyrene foam, aluminium, hardware
20 x 4 metres
Special project for Esentai Mall as part of Artbat Fest 11
"Gravity Vectors" (2023), is a work by Vargas-Suarez Universal, who lives and works between Bishkek, New York City and Houston, Texas Houston takes a special place here, as it's known to be his connection with NASA 's Johnson Space Center. The artist studied astronomy and art history at the University of Texas at Austin. His studies of space sciences inspired him to make art with these subjects, which speak in the language of the intersection of art and science.

The artist is currently working with monumental art, public art, painting and sound art.

His works are represented in public collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, and The Museum of Modern Art Library amongst many others.
The artwork "Gravitational Vectors" was created specifically for Esentai Mall as part of Art Days, focusing on the theme of space. It is also a project of the contemporary art festival, ARTBAT FEST, which is taking place in Almaty for the 11th time, connecting the city with art. The public art program, which "Gravitational Vectors" is a part of, runs in Almaty until the end of October, while separate exhibition projects of the festival will continue until mid-November.

The theme of this year's festival is "The Anthropocene and Its Critique." The festival will address questions related to human domination over nature and the intensive consumption of its resources, which result in social upheavals and the climate crisis. ARTBAT FEST 11 will serve as a platform for understanding and discussing the most significant challenges of our time.

The festival includes exhibitions, a public art program, AR projects, an educational component, photo exhibitions, film screenings, and performances. You can learn more about the program and the festival here:
The work "Gravity Vectors" combines technology and three dimensional design. The gold labyrinth of vectors, hidden in the air like a spaceship, or asteroid, tells the viewer about a wide range of those who are interested in the artist: geoglyphs, vector geometry, space-time, space, text and movement.

This is a spatial-sensual sculpture created from important visual cues with the language of vectors. The artist uses the golden vectors as a means for creating a suspended dynamic composition generated through golden thermal insulation for spacecraft.

Today, such materials are used not only in the space industry, but also as reflectors in greenhouses, to prevent loss of body heat during emergency situations, as well as to create temporary shelters and countless art and design projects.
The artist has already used this material for painting in some of his exhibitions. But for the first time, he does this in the form of sculpture in Almaty. The modern heat insulator is very durable, while it is thinner than the human hair and extremely light.

This sculpture is one of the two works that the artist first created in the public space in Kazakhstan. The second work is also part of the program of the ArtBat Fest 11 contemporary art festival and is in a dialogue with work for the Esentai Mall.