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Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Reading group "Cost of Modernization"
trcman x Egin Art Space are hosting the first reading seminar as part of their library in Kazakh and Russian languages titled "The Cost of Modernization." It will take place on Saturdays until the end of November 2023.

We will analyze and discuss texts by social theorists on systemic violence of one group of people towards others, resulting in an ecological crisis. We will also delve into the works of historians on the consequences of the forced Soviet modernization of Kazakhstan in the 20th century. Our meetings are aligned with the theme of this year's ARTBAT FEST – the Anthropocene and its critique, which is linked to understanding various ways in which people and nature are oppressed for the purpose of capital accumulation.
To participate in the reading, you need to fill out a short application via the link in the bio of the @terjiman account. In response, we will send you detailed information about the reading group sessions and the texts to be read.