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Tetis, Qaidasyñ?
Yemaa Art Space exhibition
The human being was never far from nature, never had an overhand it, and other species as well, but was always a part of the ecosystem. Human beings were always in the middle of changes and dynamics. If a man stopped being afraid of nature force and ignored for a while the investigated land nearby, he might have forgotten or did not pay enough attention as a result.a man might have forgotten the geological history of a fierce planet. The emerging and extinction of various species, the land -invasion or lease by see, and ice ages as well as mass flooding can be forgotten by a man. Water, earth, fire, and air were never promised as granted. We need to recall. There is no need to act. We need to get our sight refocused.
"Where are you, Tethys?" is the final exhibition of the residents of YEMAA Artist Residence' 23. The two main themes of the residence this year were the philosophy of nature and posthumanism. The topics that residents explore in their works are drawn from direct interaction and experience of nature, from the experience of working in a laboratory, and are united by the desire to establish a participatory type of interaction with nature, other ways of being, as well as the search for alternative points of assembly of reality.
All works were created during the residence specifically for the exhibition in the bioart genre using art & science tools.
Mentor: Лаура Родригез

Curators: Асель Ахметжанова и Асель Мукашева

Producer: Уразгалиева Малика