Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Nurmakov str, 79

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Curated by French architect Simon Jacquemin and Slovenian artist Martin Bricelj Baraga
Water is the key structural base of Almaty's urban design. Water acts as a threat and, at the same time, as a crucial operational and institutional factor in cities. Water as the core motif of ARTBAT FEST 2018 appears to be an open and appealing challenge for a wide range of potential participants. Since water is an essential resource and a vital component for all the living, it brings up the issues of geopolitics, power engineering, science, spirituality, recreation and entertainment. Besides, it encourages the audience's attention to the cycles of the matter. There are six art installations along Esentai River from Satpayev Street to Kurmangazy Street. Four more installations are located in other parts of the city. The artists from Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Italy, and other countries partook in this exhibition tour, while two of the artworks were produced collaboratively by the curators.