Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Nurmakov str, 79

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Martin Bricelj Baraga, MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art (Slovenia), Simon Lacquemin, Bellastock (France) in cooperation with ARTECITYA
Martin Bricelj Baraga (Slovenia), Marco Barotti (Italy), BridA art group (Slovenia), Masayoshi Fujita (Japan), Aida Issakhankyzy (Kazakhstan), Nazira Karimi (Kazakhstan), MoTA & Bellastock (France, Slovenia), Anvar Musrepov (Kazakhstan), Ben Nathan (Germany), Matthew Robinson (UK), Arman Sein (Kazakhstan), Yelena Vorobyova and Victor Vorobyov (Kazakhstan), Assel Yeszhanova and Sergey Kravchenko (Kazakhstan and Belarus)
Water stream is the main theme of the 2018 public art project. Its curators, the French architect Simon Jacquemin and the Slovenian artist Martin Bricelj Baraga, are convinced that water has a special status in Almaty, hence, all of the installations are thematically related to water.
Waterstream public art project was launched in Almaty within the framework of ARTBAT FEST 9 and was included in the ARTECITYA international European program.
ARTECITYA is a collaboration between ten cities and nine institutions that work in the sphere of urban art and urban design. Each of the participants carries out their own projects. For example, an architectural laboratory Bellastock (France) held a series of temporary city festivals located near Paris. KUNSTrePUBLIK Center for Art and Urbanistics (Germany) developed a residency program, wherein artists from different countries stay in Berlin, share ideas, and create new projects. MoTA museum (Slovenia) and Bellastock (France) were involved in the CCEA project. The project was organized by the non-governmental association of architects and aimed to transform the central viaduct in Prague.
by Assel Yeszhanova and Sergey Kravchenko
VODOSKOP, interactive site-specific project by BridA art group
Afterglow by Masayoshi Fujita
Take it away by Nazira Karimova, Anvar Musrepov, Arman Sein
Lumitronome by Martin Bricelj Baraga
Duckling by Yelena Vorobyova and Victor Vorobyov