Eurasian Cultural Alliance Public Association
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Nurmakov str, 79

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Igor Sludsky
head of the Public Association Eurasian Cultural Alliance:
"We bring in some innovation to the festival every year to make it interesting for our audience. A new format of ARTPOINT cultural public space is introduced this year. This ambitious project did not fit in the festival timeframe and started in Almaty since early July. We are implementing this project with the support of the Department of Culture, together with the British Council and Atomik Architecture bureau. In addition the artists from the Middle East and China became the festival participants for the first time; it was carried out in joint efforts with the Caspian Arts Foundation (UK) and ArtOxygen (India) respectively. Although previously we have carried out graffiti art projects, this year there will be as many as six huge graffiti works produced with Tikkurila paints exclusively. Most of the graffiti will be fulfilled within a joint project with the Russian Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin. For many years our festival is supported by the Department of Culture of the city of Almaty. I also want to say that we have begun to receive active support from Kazakhstani business."
Natalia Eskova
head of corporate communications of Kcell JSC:
"We are pleased to support ARTBAT FEST; this festival is loved by many Almaty citizens and tourists for bringing in the most extraordinary and creative art ideas. In partnership with the festival, together with the brand of ACTIV we decided to present Almaty with graffiti depicting the union of two worlds of people in love. The cellular communication today is a constant opportunity to share the worlds with each other and have a dialogue despite the distance. We really believe that Connecting the Worlds graffiti will be a pleasant surprise for the city of Almaty. Very soon there will be another surprise for the citizens; it will be an interesting addition to the first event."
Anton Afonin
executive director of the Astana Motors KMC:
"The brand of Hyundai represented in Kazakhstan by Astana Motors is a sponsor of ARTBAT FEST international festival of contemporary art. Hyundai was motivated to sponsor due to its firm desire to settle in the niche of Modern Premium and to make the general public of Kazakhstan more familiar with the brand.

This cultural event has managed to catch the fancy of the residents and guests of Almaty for the sixth time. Participation in ARTBAT FEST has become a great opportunity for Hyundai to attract even more attention, and to find new admirers among creative people and art lovers.
Within the festival it is planned to make an art transformation for one car of Hyundai i30 at the exhibition space of ARTPOINT. Hyundai i30 is a well known and recognized hatchback in Europe. This bright and dynamic model is ideal for creative youth of the city striving for knowledge and art."