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September, 30
On September 30th, ARTBAT FEST 11 and the unisex clothing brand Howe presented another special project of the festival, "Laboratory of Continuations." During the event, artist Zoya Falkova and Egin graduate Amir Shakar showcased their works, and ARTBAT FEST presented its designer merchandise.

The theme of ARTBAT FEST this year is the Anthropocene and its critique. In this context, it is important to examine the fashion industry, specifically the impact of fast fashion on the environment, the use of cheap labor from the Global South in production, and how to address these issues today. This collaboration, through the lens of art and fashion, raises questions about sustainable development and conscious consumption.
Zoya Falkova's project "Cut" consists of textile objects created from scraps of clothing sold in a construction store as rags. These items are not meant to be restored – the pieces are mixed and recut by an unknown hand, then packaged in different batches. By connecting along existing lines, these objects essentially create themselves – here, the form is dictated by the material, not the sculptor.
The space of the Howe store serves as a live platform where, in addition to Howe, the brand @plastic_harahura, oriented towards sustainable development principles, was presented. The exposition included elements of recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, creating a visual narrative about the struggle against environmental problems in the Anthropocene era.

Some elements of the Born Qazaq collection created by Amir Shakar were also exhibited. The works narrate how the discourse of nationalism silences the discussion of many social issues, including the question of decolonization. Fashion becomes a realm that captures this contradiction, showing it to us in an understandable everyday form. The event was supported by @glyph.creative.