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German artists muse about the enormous flow of information as one of the key features of modern civilization. For ARTBAT FEST 5 the artists created a suspension structure comprised of numerous "life quanta" of Almaty. During their stay in Almaty in June 2014 a collage of photos and drawings was produced to be integrated into 3D hexagonal constructions, which is a reference to the nature and to the honeycombs in particular.

Martin Danker and Friedemann Banz
Sometimes it is very useful to take a fresh look at people and things. Rashad Alakbarov known as the Master of Shadows gives the viewers such opportunity with his art pieces. His 3D installations are not typical: they are not intended for direct sensing, but for solving a puzzle. There are different or similar subjects of particular shape placed in a special way that produce shadow images with proper illumination to the desired angle. The images are of almost no resemblance to the initial installation. That is the duality of the created space what brings magic to his works.
Especially for ARTBAT FEST 5 Rashad Alakbarov will make a projection of one of the quotations by a great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbayev.

Rashad Alakbarov
Check everything with your heart
The ancestors used to use birds' feathers asone of shamanic elements due to the symbolism, based on weightless feathers, birds' ability to fly and associated spiritual qualities. A bird's feather represents the truth, levity, heaven, speed, wide open space, relationship with the world of the spirits and divine power and protection. The artist's kinetic installation The Cloud allows considering a cloud as a part of the urban environment, bringing clouds down to the ground and focus attention on the environmental issues.

Smail Bayaliev
The Cloud
In a traditional nomadic cradle called Besik instead of baby rattles there are TV sets and computers placed, which turned to be required or even the most significant attribute of a human being in the beginning of the third Millenium. The installation is not intended to show destruction of traditions, but to praise the vital power of adaptation and personal self-interpretation in the changing global world.

Syrlybek Bekbotaev
Baby Rattles
Ersatz (from German) is an inadequate substitute of anything. Pierre's sculpture is a forest, but all forest elements are similar, substitute, handmade. This is the artist's warning of the danger of total substitute of natural events with standard soulless copies. Pierre Laurent suggests thinking about it on the swings located in this forest. This solution turned the sculpture into an interesting communication site allowing people to communicate in rather unusual way.

Pierre Laurent
Every day as we shop for products or clothes we obtain a lot of plastic bags, which is taking over the planet. The city is turned into a space of flying plastic bags. We m e e t synthetic garbage in the steppe and in the mountains. According to Saule Suleimenova, if plastic cannot be dissolved in a natural way then the proper application would be to use it as artwork material. Her work for ARTBAT FEST 5 reflects this idea.

Saule Suleimenova
Plastic painting
A famous Kazakh artist speculates concerning the issues of war, its victims and the past. The poppies are both the symbol of Kazakhstan and the symbol of blood drops, the author uses this symbol in both meanings for his installation aimed to be a reminder of everyone who died on Kazakh land.

Abilsaid Atabekov
Rubik's Cube
Huge pieces of white cloth revive with every gust of wind; it gives the feeling of reverence for the natural power. The artists literally created the mugs of the wind, the air flows started being visible for human eyes and gained quite tangible outlines. MishMash Art Duet present sartistic , architectural and design projects. In Russian the group name stands for short names of coauthors – Mikhail Leykin (MISHa) and Maria Sumnina (MASHa), mishmash in English is a confusion or a mixture, that is the technique the Duet uses pretty often in their work.

The Wind's Mugs
As a rule a wall is the symbol of separation but in the work of Russian artist it is used as a symbol of a union, meeting point, place to start a dialogue.

Abstract spatial composition is free for interpretation, it is effective, it is attracting the viewers' attention. It is dissolving the person in the space of its scale. The wall is turned into a center, around which the space will be altering for improvement of living and environment.

Pavel Kiselev works in a unique technique. He creates his pictures with multi-color wooden figures placed onto each other. From a distance they give the impression of abstract pictures but looking to a proper angle shows a wood carving pattern.

Pavel Kiselev
The Wall
With used industrial and household stuff Dutch art-group REFUNС creates unusual spaces for useful and pleasant pastime. Experimental Design Laboratory is guided by the approach that anything can be utilized for creation of anything. The artists find idea for design in the things themselves following their own composition, stories and social context. Wherever one sees wastes REFUNС makes artistic explorations for recycling.

Non-central city district

The project is aimed at bringing attention of the city districts citizens to the issues of ecology and environment improvement. Design and artistic works in the yards are intended to develop understanding of contemporary art, serve as a motivation for development and rethinking of the city environment among Almaty citizens. Such way of support for common living area of the district and creation of art pieces together with the artists suggest occurrence of communication area for the neighbors and further social interaction.

REFUNC (Holland)
Curator: Gaisha Madanova
Co-curator: Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt
Communication youth playground
Valeriy Kazas //Grass// Installation, 2013, Russia
Combined from different objects the installation refers to the idea of ready made (found things), which were not created by the artist but utilized for his work. Every element of this artwork existed outside of artistic field before meeting the artist. Now it is an art work with the scales as the central component. The scales are not only the most ancient symbol of justice, but also a measure of any life choices that have to be made in a 'balanced' way. The ability to analyze, doubt, and find solutions is an integrated part of human thinking process.

This work is the artist's reminder of the importance of choices, which should always be made after thinking twice.

Georgiy Tryakin-Bukharov
Thanks to Berlin artist the typical city objects - concrete blocks, flowerbeds, transformers, and more – are turned into art pieces. EVOL applies a unique approach to urban environment transformation. Out of small geometrical structures with the help of paints he creates mini resident houses, which look so familiar in our view and are so touching in little. In his work he refers to urbanization issue finding it in the most unusual places. EVOL reproduces scenes of city street life remembering to supplement the composition with appropriate identification marks, bends and cracks in the facade of buildings. EVOL believes that the nature and history of any place appear on the surface.

EVOL (Germany)
Field 01
UN Camouflage project involves the flags of states from Europe to Asia. The original drawing of each flag is mixed in a camouflage pattern with preservation of color proportions. The flags lose the signs of identification, but remain surprisingly recognizable. The peculiarities of their ideological, political, and cultural values are merges and mixed in a variety of shapes and
colors as they are common to all nations. Société Réaliste team is initiated by Ferenc Gróf and Jean-Baptiste Naudy in June 2004. The artists work with political structures, experimental economy, territorial ergonomics and social engineering consulting. They promote their ideas through exhibitions, publications and conferences.

Société Réaliste
(France – Hungary)
UN Camouflage
The artists intend to combine the past and the present, link the past to the future and create some space for their communication. Sam Adams and Jean Mohammed are trying to explore the nature, architecture and trade historiography of Kazakhstan, as well as historical relations with famous trade

Sam Adams and Jean Mohammed
The Crossroads
The installation's name has a lot to say. It refers to the theme of change of values to the contemporary world, new heroes of the country, confusion with monuments that do not differ from each other much. The society is looking for new heroes able to change this lifestyle.

Arystanbek Shalbayev
New Hero (Makhambet)
Street-art is a picturesque urban art with graffiti as the main art school. Around the world the building facades are turn into canvases for this contemporary democratic art, which does not require any special room as a museum or a gallery. An English city artist Sickboy, known for his signature Save the Youth, drew a graffiti on the facade of one of Almaty buildings. As British magazine ARTINFO writes: Sickboy creates beautiful and complicated, sometimes ripping your head off images, which can be examined for a long time. His style is hard to explain, so he is better to see at least once. For this graffiti Sickboy was inspired with ideas of a famous Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who was trying to combine city and natural environment, to make urban landscape closer to the natural.

Street Art Project